STEP 1. Get naked and get steamy with a five minute hot shower or bath

STEP 2. Turn off the water and leave your skin slightly wet

STEP 3. Wet The Gross Glove and squeeze to remove all excess water

STEP 4. Rub The Gross Glove up and down, then side to side. Long, firm stroked will allow the special woven thread to catch the top layer of dead skin 

STEP 5. Examine at the satisfying skin 'balling' from The Gross Glove. Feel your skin. You feel like a dolphin right?

STEP 6. Rinse The Gross Glove in warm water and hang to completely dry 



Friction is key!

* Start by rubbing rougher areas like elbows or knees to get the friction started

* Do not use soap or body wash with The Gross Glove

* Avoid having too much excess water on your body or The Gross Glove

* Do not rub The Gross Glove in circles

* Do not put The Gross Glove in the washing machine or dryer